Twenty-plus Years of Infant Craniosacral Therapy Practice

I don’t heal babies. They heal themselves. My midwifery experience compels me to carefully consider what exactly is needed in each situation. I always ask, ‘What would happen if I do less?’ My goal is to offer the smallest intervention necessary to stimulate the body to find balance. That is all it takes.

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About Author: Carol Gray

Carol Gray, Midwife, LMT, practices and teaches Perinatal Craniosacral Therapy in Portland, Oregon. Carol is especially passionate about getting CST skills into the hands of midwives and others who attend births and those who treat moms and babies. Carol has been a therapeutic bodyworker since 1990. She has attended births for more than 30 years—at first as a doula and since 2000 as a homebirth midwife. Carol is a pioneer, integrating CST into prenatal/postpartum care and the birthplace.

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