Waterbirth: Contemporary Application for Historic Concepts

Water has flooded the new century, nosing her way forward with overwhelming power, washing away outmoded methods. It seems that destiny, rather than coincidence, led me to waterbirth. When I was a child, my home in Berlin faced the first university hospital (Benjamin-Franklin-Uni) offering “water cures,” an invention by Professor Schweninger of Berlin, who called himself a “naturopath.” His “Schweninger cures” were offered in Berlin as well as in Baden-Baden.

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About Author: Cornelia Enning

Cornelia Enning has been a licensed midwife in Germany since 1972 and has attended homebirths and waterbirths since 1975. She is the founder of the German parents association "Wasserbabies" and editor of the quarterly Wasserbaby-Post. Cornelia is the author of Placenta: The Gift of Life (Motherbaby Press), as well as several books on waterbirth. She directs the German Federation of Aquapaedagogik, instructs parents in water training for newborns, and has taught waterbirth midwifery to more than 4000 midwives and obstetricians. Cornelia has two adult children and one granddaughter. View all posts by

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