Midwifery Today Issue 1

Issue 1

Winter 1987

Premier Issue

As Brianna Skolnik was born, her mother, Barbara, reached down to receive her. The many hands in this picture seem an appropriate symbol of midwifery: mother, father, and midwife blending as one to welcome the baby. Photographer Deborah Wells shot the birth on 400 ASA, shutter speed 125, at noon under a skylight.

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  • Marion’s Message
    Midwives’ sexuality
  • The Childbirth Educator
    Six steps to certification
  • In My Opinion
    Midwives must be professional


  • From the Editor
  • Letters
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Laughing Matters
  • Staccato Briefs
    Timely, condensed technical information
  • Media Reviews
  • Test Yourself
  • Working in a Large Practice
  • Question of the Quarter
  • Working Abroad


  • Rhogam at 28 Weeks
    A comparison of risks and benefits: antenatal administration is not without controversy
  • Cigarettes and Breastfeeding
    Startling effects on the nursing couple
  • Reaching for Compromise
    Can birth practitioners from several professions get along


    • Meet the Practitioner
      Childhood wonder pays off
    • Herstory
      Standing up for motherhood
    • Super Midwife
      Hey, Mom!


  • Poetry
  • Birth Art Gallery
  • Photo Album


  • Journal and Abstracts
  • Midwifery & the Law
    Malpractice & Midwifery
  • News
  • Calendar

Your Practice

  • The Formulary
    Practical recipes for remedies and nutrition
  • Birth Critiques
    Experience with Herpes gestations
  • Improving Your Practice
    You are a counselor
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