Midwifery Today Issue 44

Issue 44

Winter 1997

Midwifery Today Issue 44 Theme: Trusting Birth

On the other end of the spectrum from technocratic Western birth is the midwife’s simple trust in the normal, perfectly orchestrated processes of birth. Several articles describe and defend that trust. Issue 44 also  includes information on sterile water blocks, Part I of an article on baby slings, and a thorough and compassionate look at intersex babies and their families. The International Midwife section takes the reader to pre-Hispanic Mexico and northern Bolivia.

Cover Photo by Harriette Hartigan

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  • Doing It Her Way—Diane Gregg
  • Josephine: Grieving a Sad Birth Made Worse—Susanrachael Condon
  • First, Do No Harm—Maria Wolford
  • Sterile Water Blocks for Back Pain in Labor—Sharon Glass Jonquil
  • Slings: Rediscovering Mother’s Mobility—Jennifer Rosenberg
  • Trust the Babies—Jill Swanson
  • Pitocin Induction at Home—Anonymous
  • Advocating for Intersexed Babies and Their Families—Elizabeth von der Ahe
  • Low Birth IQ—Nancy Wainer Cohen
  • Birth Decisions and Heuristics—Sarah Wickham
  • Trusting Birth—Karen Salt
  • Truest Trust—Judy Edmunds

International Midwife

  • Birth in Pre-Hispanic Mexico—Guadalupe Trueba
  • The Guarani of Northern Bolivia—Ann Davenport
  • Kangaroo Care: Why Does It Work?Holly Richardson
  • A Visit to the Netherlands—Czech Midwives
  • Interventions: Consequences for Breastfeeding—Joy Johnston
  • Is She a Partera or Matrona?—Marina Alzugaray
  • From the Philippines: Life’s Breath—Sarah Gemmell
  • Becoming a Nurse-Midwife in Nigeria—Obubeleye West


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International Midwife

  • From the Editor
  • Cards and Letters
  • International News
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