Shoulder Dystocia and Malpresentations Audio CD Set


Gail Hart, Mary Cooper and Ina May Gaskin

Learn about shoulder dystocia from the combined wisdom and unique experiences of three experienced midwives.

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This audio CD set covers topics such as how to identify true vs. false shoulder dystocia, how nutrition can be one of the best methods of prevention and how to assist shoulder dystocia when it does happen during birth. It also presents information about malpresentations such as twin, breech and asynclitic births and brow and face presentations. Other topics covered include risk factors, creative ways to change pelvic dimensions, cephalopelvic disproportion and ethics.

The ability to meet shoulder dystocia with knowledge and confidence is a skill every midwife needs in her tool belt. This audio set will introduce you to this skill.

  • Disc 1 (71 min.): Shoulder Dystocia
  • Disc 2 (74 min.): Shoulder Dystocia
  • Disc 3 (73 min.): Shoulder Dystocia and Malpresentations
  • Disc 4 (74 min.): Malpresentations

  • Number of audio discs: 4
  • Length: 292 minutes
  • Recorded: Midwifery Today Conference in Eugene, Oregon, 2011

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