Hans-Peter Schmidt

Hans Peter Schmitz has practiced Shiatsu and alternative medicines since 1990. His homeopathic calling is based on a family tradition, as his grandfather was a homeopath. The diseases of his children made him turn away from conventional medical doctrines and brought him to homeopathy in 1988. After attending A.B. Adam’s lectures (Kebanyoran College of Traditional Akupuncture in Jakarta) he added Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In 2001 Schmitz and his wife started “Orthoshi AG” for Homeopathic Training and has since been lecturing and holding seminars on the subject matter.

Peter was born in 1956. He is married, with 10 children and four grandchildren.


“Acupuncture for midwives and obstetricians, Part 1–3”
“A Manual: The Homeopathic Medicine Chest”
Peter also has had numerous articles published in professional magazines.


Contact Peter at: Homepage: www.praxis-schmitz.info
E-mail: {email][email protected][/email]

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