Keniece Ford

Keniece Ford El, BA, MA, MS, is the executive producer/co-director of the film NIA, and is Nia’s mother. A practitioner of integrative health for over 20 years, Keniece is a leading voice within spiritual, feminine, and sexual health spaces. Her walk is very personal as she has healed herself of multiple chronic conditions which inspired her path to Chinese Medicine and Integrative Wellness.

She’s a practicing acupuncturist, herbalist, and wellness curator. As a curator she holds the unique role of guiding people through their healing journeys using additional modalities such as individual and group coaching. Keniece also offers wellness course curricula, health education via workshops, self-development training, and wellness retreats. She is also an avid homebirth advocate, who gave birth to both of her children in her own home. She sits on the board of Love Delivers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of home- and natural birth, maternal health, and infant safety.

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