Meng Xue (Jenny)

Meng Xue (Jenny), born in 1968, is a midwife with more than 30 years of experience and an unquestionable passion for midwifery and the women and families who put their trust in maternity services. She founded the China Midwifery Alliance and is involved at a high level in a variety of other maternity services councils and systems in China. In 2010 she organized the annual midwifery conference, which represents the model of midwife learning and communication platforms across the country and brings international and Chinese experts to the stage.

Meng Xue has made outstanding efforts in her contribution to supporting the normal physiological process of pregnancy, labor, and birth; the postpartum period; and in the newborn infant. Her contributions have led to and continue to upgrade and develop midwifery services in China.

“I am passionate about childbirth and about integrating traditional Chinese medicine and culture into maternity services. I believe that the integrated model is the future of China’s healthy and thriving nation. Healthy mothers and babies make a very healthy China.”

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