Nicole Morales

Nicole Morales is a licensed Certified Professional Midwife in California. Her own breech birth motivates her to explore both breech birth from a provider’s viewpoint and providing care for breech parents exploring their options. She has authored several books in recent years including

“The Breech Release: Opening Pathways for Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork about breech pregnancy and fetal positioning and reenvisioning our story as birthworkers and bodyworkers. We are reclaiming anatomy from multiple perspectives and applying new value systems not just to what we name in the body, but to touch itself. We are reenvisioning midwifery and bodywork by returning to the basics of connection. We are recognizing that anatomy defines the space and informs the baby’s “inside information” in the womb.”

She is also a Spinning Babies instructor: Breech for Practitioners Package – Spinning Babies

Her website is The Breech Release – Opening Pathways for Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork


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