Ágnes Geréb

Ágnes Geréb has two sons, two daughters and two grandchildren, but the number of the latter will increase to three very soon. She feels her life’s work is affirmed by the fact that her elder daughter has become a fantastic mother and her younger daughter is expertly caring for her twin nephews. Ágnes worked as an obstetrician-gynaecologist at an obstetric clinic for 17 years, but considers it a mistake! She has worked as an independent midwife for 12 years—not an easy job in Hungary. She has attended about 2,300 homebirths during this time. Visit her Web site at www.birth.hu.

Márti’s Homebirth in Hungary

While driving, I imagine myself a hundred times providing the services I think they expect from me. They probably want me to give my expertise and remain an outsider. I arrive just after dawn. The children and their nanny are asleep. There is fruit on the table. I haven’t eaten a thing for two days.

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