Analeah Lovere

Analeah (Holly) Lovere is an Ayurvedic Specialist and Yoga Siromani. Her innate love for birth and the birthing process led her to study midwifery with Elizabeth Davis in 1999. She completed “A Child is born” doula training and then went on to study Yoga and Ayurveda in 2000. Analeah formed “Seed of Life Health Care” in 2005. “Seed of Life” is an Ayurvedic- based health care practice that specializes in supporting women and babies through pregnancy and postpartum. Analeah lives with her husband and two children on the San Juan Ridge in Nevada City, California.

The Birth of Sage—A Homebirth Reflection

One year ago this week our son Sage was born. As I sit and watch the morning winter sky come to life, shades of pink and golden hues reveal themselves through the light mist of the recent rains. I feel a sense of peace. Deep gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on our family experience over the past year.

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