Ann Naffziger

Ann Naffziger is a “mostly” stay-at-home mom who works occasionally as a hospital chaplain. Along with raising Madeleine, she and Paul raise chickens, bees and an organic garden in the San Francisco Bay area. For more about her family, see their Web site:

A Surprise Posterior Brow Birth

Madeleine Grace, my posterior-, brow-, left asynclitic-presenting baby, turns two years old next week. After another year of reflection on that life-changing event, I’m more ready than ever to invite healing to my memories of that 70- hour labor and the difficult postpartum that ensued. It took 13 months of sitz baths, heat lamps, obstetrician/gynecologist visits and two trips to a proctologist to heal my jagged third-degree tear and 70+ stitches, but my perineum and anus finally healed. This year, I look forward to continued emotional healing from posttraumatic stress around the anniversary of Madeleine’s birth.

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