Barbara Harper

Barbara Harper RN, is the author of Gentle Birth Choices (book and video) and the founder and director of Waterbirth International Research, Resource and Referral Service, a project of Global Maternal/Child Health Association. She is a well-known international lecturer on waterbirth and midwifery. She is the mother of three, two of whom were born at home in water.

Keeping Waterbirth Safe During Covid-19

All the research shows that water reduces the rate of infection in all three participants—mother, baby, and provider—and in some cases makes contaminants non-viable. This was the answer I gave to the first person, a hospital midwife from Italy, who asked about restrictions for using water for labor and birth during the Covid-19 outbreak. She sent a message on March 20 and I recommended that they continue with their established hospital waterbirth practice and, where and when necessary, use full personal protection equipment (PPE). Read more…. Keeping Waterbirth Safe During Covid-19

Waterbirth Basics, From Newborn Breathing to Hospital Protocols

Waterbirth is simple. Within the simplicity of water labor and birth lies a complexity of questions, choices, opinions, research data, women’s experience and practitioner observations. One of the first and foremost questions in everyone’s mind when they hear of waterbirth stories is simple: How does the baby breathe during a waterbirth?

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 Read more…. Waterbirth Basics, From Newborn Breathing to Hospital Protocols

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