Carla Hartley

Carla Hartley created the first distance education program for midwives—Apprentice Academics—in 1981. In 1994 the name was changed to Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. She is the author of Helping Hands, The Apprentice Workbook, and several educational publications relating to birth. She has spent close to thirty years in birth work of one kind or another: childbirth educator, midwife, author, speaker, and midwifery educator, and she is the mother of four children and Baba to six. Carla is the founder and director of the Trust Birth Initiative whose primary work is telling the truth: Birth is Safe; Interference is Risky. and

Trusting Birth Even More

Today a friend e-mailed a very tragic story of loss and despair. A mom going in for her second cesarean suffered a massive rupture and lost her baby and her ability to have another. Read more…. Trusting Birth Even More

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