Cassaundra Jah

Cassaundra Jah, LM, CPM, IBCLC, found her calling when she changed careers from aerospace engineer to midwife. She is blessed to have an active homebirth practice and is pleased to have a small voice in local politics as a board member of the New Mexico Midwives Association and the State Midwifery License Board. As a midwife, she has been interviewed for radio and television and is the author of two books and various articles. She is passionately interested in educating student midwives, birth-related research, topics in breastfeeding and the irony of informed consent.

GBS Updates from a Homebirth Perspective

Author Cassaundra Jah discusses how the vast majority of birth research focuses on out-of-home births, which sets up a unique challenge for homebirth midwives when dealing with GBS.

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