Christine Ramos

Christine Ramos is a Maternal-Child Health Registered Nurse, Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, and author of A Journey into Being. Knowing and Nurturing Our Children as Spirit. She is also a contributing editor for health, spirituality, and parenting publications. Website:

The Magic & Mysteries of Parent-Child Synchrony

Envision this: you are an infant born only moments ago. The onslaught of new sensations is overwhelming. You now feel the weight of your once weightless body. Where your eyes once saw muted shades, they now see the brightness of harsh lighting. When once you didn’t perceive the pangs of hunger, you can now sense it with alarming surprise. The warmth, comfort, and safety you once bathed in are gone. Still, you discover yet another challenge; your new body functions in an unorganized manner.

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