Colleen Uszak

Colleen Uszak has two sons and lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her partner Vincent. She is a birth doula, placenta preparation specialist, and peer lactation counselor.

The Choice to Birth My Baby

I found out I was pregnant for the fifth time in May of 2019. I would have been considered high risk under traditional obstetrical care due to three prior miscarriages and a heart-shaped uterus with a cesarean scar. Due to my firstborn son Oren being breech in my womb, I was coerced into scheduling a cesarean at 39 weeks as a first-time mother. This is an option for those in my position, but it was presented to me as the only way to birth my son. I have since come to believe that risk is subjective. I had grown a healthy, full-term baby all on my own before and knew I could do it again, if this baby were to stay.

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