Diana Lynn Barnes

Diana Lynn Barnes, Psy.D., is a marriage and family therapist specializing in women's health concerns, particularly pregnancy and birth issues and the development of postpartum mood disorders. She started The Center for Postpartum Health in Woodland Hills, California, to address the needs of the pregnant and postpartum woman and her family. Her Web site is www.postpartumhealth.com. An internationally recognized teacher on this subject, Dr. Barnes is a member of Postpartum Support International and Depression After Delivery.

What Midwives Need to Know about Postpartum Depression

With the birth of my daughter nine years ago, my family seemed complete. Her birth was an event filled with a joy I never could have anticipated. Several months after delivery, however, and seemingly without warning, fulfillment turned to confusion, withdrawal and hopelessness. Read more…. What Midwives Need to Know about Postpartum Depression

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