Jane Evans

Jane Evans trained as a general nurse and then as a midwife in the UK. She worked in the National Health Service for 20 years, supporting homebirth. She has been working as an independent midwife since 1991. Jane is co-director of Sharing the Skills and has taught about breech birth and midwifery skills both nationally and internationally. She has four children and three granddaughters, one of whom was a breech presentation, born spontaneously.

Breech Birth: Abnormal or Unusual?

Babies, whatever their position, are guided by the internal structures, bones, muscles and ligaments of the mother’s pelvis, along with the movements both mother and baby make, working as a dyad from life in the womb to life in the outside world. These positions (ROA or OP) are unusual, not abnormal for birth and all are possible, though not necessarily optimal.

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