Jeannine Parvati Baker

Jeannine Parvati Baker is author of Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth, Hygieia: A Woman’s Herbal, and co-author of Conscious Conception: Elemental Journey Through the Labyrinth of Sexuality. She is also the founder of Hygieia College, a school of lay midwifery and womancraft. For more information, visit her Web site at

Instinctive Birth: Finding The Pulse

When I began my family back in 1969, I was studying psychology at the university. I had my ear to the ground, listening to what the Earth wanted of mothers at a pivotal time in our history. Feminism had sounded the drum and this mother’s heart was pounding. At last, women had the freedom to be all we could be and, oh, how we danced!

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