Judy Edmunds

Judy Edmunds, CPM, RNC, LM, CH, is a certified professional midwife licensed in the state of Oregon. She has been practicing independently since 1980. Judy is also a registered nutritional consultant and chartered herbalist. As an HIV/AIDS consultant, certified HIV testing counselor and partner notification specialist, she keeps busy researching, developing and teaching disease prevention programs. She also enjoys teaching emergency response techniques such as CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, First Aid and Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics. She has been certified as an instructor for the American Red Cross, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Heart Association. Judy writes in her "spare" time.

Providing Effective Prenatal Care: Focus on the Vision

Conceptualizing the ideal outcome is an essential first step in providing effective prenatal care, as it helps determine which subsequent actions will support (or detract from) the realization of your aspirations. [Then] Working backward…, form intermediate goals and step-by-step plans to reach them. Read more…. Providing Effective Prenatal Care: Focus on the Vision


…there is an inexorable growing and deepening toward a certain eventuality that will forever change everyone involved. When the time is right, an amazing convergence of energies, emotions, and physicalities leads to an array of breathtaking events. Read more…. Mamatoto

7 Steps toward Cesarean Prevention

I feel confident that at least most of the cesareans I have been associated with were actually necessary, many even life-saving. Yet looking back over my practice, I can easily pick out scores of women who surely would have had cesareans had they chosen care elsewhere. Read more…. 7 Steps toward Cesarean Prevention

Home: Our Birth Right

For the Inuit, a paternalistic government assumed they would prefer to be flown out to “safer” surroundings of big city hospitals far from home…. It took strong, determined native midwives to restore the continuity of birth and family care back to their community. Read more…. Home: Our Birth Right

Bridging the Gap: Cracks & Chasms

Midwives are great bridge builders. There are so many gaps to bridge! Some are just shallow potholes, little bumps in pregnancy’s road—nausea, backache, heartburn, insomnia. We offer solace and suggest remedies, kindly ministrations to fill in and smooth out ruts in the prenatal path. Read more…. Bridging the Gap: Cracks & Chasms

Gracious Births

Midwives try to convey these simple truths: Birth is not a clinical exercise. It is not a medical procedure. In nearly every instance, it should not be major surgery. Nor should it even routinely include minor surgery. Read more…. Gracious Births

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