Kiki Metzler

Kiki Metzler is a well-known artist whose work focuses on a variety of themes and topics, particularly birth art. Kiki's artwork is internationally dispersed through illustrations in Midwifery Today magazine, as well as through the Eugene Saturday Market, where her mirrors have been purchased and sent worldwide.

Kiki is not only fast and prolific, but she puts a lot of care, attention and heart into her work. She is often considered a superb “colorist,” because she boldly approaches her palette with freedom and abandon. Kiki was born in Baltimore, Maryland to an artist/poet mother and to the famous painter/sculptor Karl Metzler, who pioneered in the art therapy at John's Hopkins Hospital, Psychiatric Department of the Phipps Clinic. Information about her father can be found at

Kiki was essentially immersed into the “school of art” from the very beginning.

From her childhood days, Kiki fondly remembers collecting brilliant chalk-sticks/pastels. With these she drew on a large blacktop alley (where all the kids played) in her artists' neighborhood. The community and passersby would gather to watch, marveling at her expertise, skill (at such an early age) and wonderful use of color. She could draw anatomically accurate life-sized animals and creatures for which she created whimsical stories, illustrating scenes for all to enjoy.

Kiki's art career is full with a wide range of jobs, commissions and endeavors, some of which include murals, illustrations, canvases, painted mirrors and more. She has had many shows and exhibitions and her works have been published in many magazines and books.

Kiki's art reflects her philosophy - that life is an incredible miracle, and there is a lot of good to be explored. Even though there is a lot of bad in our world, focusing on the good brings success into our lives. Through art, messages of empowerment and enlightenment are brought to humanity, opening people to greater spirituality and love.

Laughing Matters

Laughing Matters by Kiki Metzler

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