Nadine Edwards

Nadine Edwards is a birth activist, educator, and researcher, formerly the Honorary Vice Chair of the Association for the Improvements in the Maternity Services. She has written a book, book chapters, and articles on the politics of birth and the relationship between women and midwives. Nadine recently wrote an updated version of Birthing your Baby, co-authored an updated version of Birthing Your Placenta with Sara Wickham, co-edited Untangling the Maternity Crisis with Rosemary Mander and Jo Murphy-Lawless, and is currently writing about the closure of the internationally acclaimed Albany Midwifery Practice with Becky Reed and women’s experiences of freebirthing with Mavis Kirkham.

The Benefits of Waiting

This article, excerpted from the book Birthing Your Placenta, discusses the question of optimal cord clamping. Rather than quickly clamping, this well-documented article shares data that show the need to wait; even a short wait is better than none at all. Read more…. The Benefits of Waiting

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