Sara Ohgushi

Sara Ohgushi is a Naturopathic Physician licensed in natural childbirth who attends births in Portland, Oregon, and also gets to watch families grow in her general family practice. Her children are Asumi, 14, and Genta, 11. Her husband is Japanese and she has lived in Japan. Sara writes a regular health column in the Yuuyake Shimbun, an English- and Japanese-language Portland newspaper.

Meet Kiyoko Inoue, Japanese Midwife

Sixteen hundred births over 31 years without losing a mother or baby—that’s an impressive statistic for any birth practitioner in any country. This was the first thing that Kiyoko Inoue, a Japanese midwife who will celebrate her 80th birthday next year, proudly told me in a recent interview in Japan. She was nervous about talking with me until she realized I speak Japanese and understand midwifery; then she was a fountain of knowledge and stories.

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