Sheila Kamara Hay

Sheila Kamara Hay is a visionary and leader in the global Ecstatic Birth movement. She is a Yale- and Columbia-trained cultural sociologist who empowers and trains birth practitioners and expectant moms to integrate the most holistic birthing tool, pleasure, into birth preparation and support. Sheila is a sought-after speaker and devoted teacher, featured at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Orgasmic Birth’s Pain to Power childbirth education program, the En*theos Academy, the Birth Institute, Choices in Childbirth, and numerous live and online conferences. Sheila believes that childbirth has the potential to be one of the most transformative, empowering, and enjoyable experiences in a woman’s life. For a complimentary Ecstatic Birth Training, click here if you are a birth practitioner or here if you are a future or expectant mother.

Ecstatic Birth: Radical Act of Reclamation

There are so many ways that we define birth—by what it looks like and how we navigate labor and delivery. As birthworkers and mothers, some of these are choices that we deeply desire, plan, and advocate for, and some are not.

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