Sibel Esenalp

Sibel Esenalp is a doula, doula mentor, Birth with No Regret childbirth educator, and volunteer in government hospitals. She provides prenatal and postnatal emotional, physical, and educational support to women and families, in order to help them have a memorable and empowering birth experience. Sibel’s base training as a childbirth educator and doula entailed over 200 hours of education. She earned her certification as a childbirth doula and educator through the Istanbul Birth Academy and maintains her certification through birth attendance and numerous continuing education/training courses. Sibel previously spent 15 years in the corporate world working with one of the world’s top tech companies in Turkey, handling country and regional marketing management. Sibel has an MBA in customer relationship management and sales management from DePaul University, Chicago.

Of Deliveries and Doulas in Turkey

This physician and doula describe birth patterns in Turkey and the success of their “Birth with no Regret” team in improving the standard of care.

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