Suzanne Yates

Suzanne Yates, BA(Hons), Dip HSEC, MRSS (T), APNT, is a shiatsu and massage teacher and practitioner. She studied antenatal and postnatal exercise in the U.S. with Elizabeth Noble and established Well Mother in 1990 to work with parents. Following the success of her work in Bristol U.K. she began to teach courses for professionals including midwives and shiatsu practitioners as well as massage therapists. She now runs international courses for these three groups; her ultimate aim being the integration of bodywork as a core part of 21st century maternity care. She visits the U.S. to teach once or twice a year and Midwifery Today is organising a five-day shiatsu course from August 26-30. Contact [email protected]. Or visit the Web site:

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