Bad Wildbad, Germany Conference 2023 Updates

Midwifery Today Conference

Bad Wildbad, Germany • 11–15 October 2023

Birthing in Love: Everyone’s Right

E2 Midwife Recipes — Carol Gautschi
Learn about the use of herbs, homeopathics, and other empirical remedies in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You will gain knowledge about the practical uses of these treatments for your clients’ ailments and complications, such as using alternatives to halt a hemorrhage and how to keep your mamababy well. This class will be interactive and not just for novices so, if you have tried and true remedies, bring them.

Midwife Recipes has been changed to Twins

E2 Twins — Shannon Michell
Shannon will discuss strategies for preparing for twin birth, including positioning, time of delivery, premature delivery, and avoiding postpartum hemorrhage, as well as special aspects of prenatal care including shared decision making, client eligibility criteria, and finding the confidence or setting your boundaries as a midwife. She will teach “how to” skills as well as telling amazing birth stories.

F2 Teacher change. From Carol Gautschi to Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos and Shannon Mitchell

G4 Teacher change. From Carol Gautschi to Gail Hart

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