Bad Wildbad, Germany Conference 2023

Midwifery Today Conference

Bad Wildbad, Germany • 11–16 October 2023

Birthing in Love: Everyone’s Right

Jennifer Hamilton—

Join us in Bad Wildbad, Germany!

Everyone’s favorite venue! The whole town welcomes us with open arms and, of course, the spas add such a joyful dimension to an already great conference. We love to meet and sing in the spas. There is usually a delicious communal dinner with lots of laughing and talking. Our lineup of speakers is, as always, incredible—as you can see here. We make every effort to bring you a rich program that will help you with your calling as a midwife, doula, or other birth practitioner. We hope to equip you with important information, but also with insight and inspiration. Many midwives who had previously attended this conference informed us that they were ready to quit practice but became so inspired with ideas and energy shared here that they stayed in it!

We believe that our theme of Birthing in Love: Everyone’s Right is really important for the times in which we are living. Not only do our speakers excel in the knowledge imparted in their classes, but they also manifest love and caring and make themselves available for chats and questions between classes. We hope you will join us for this beautiful event!

And here is information on Bad Wildbad’s world-class spa!

Deutschlands sinnlichstes Sauna- & Thermalbad erleben:

Please join:

and more


  • A variety of clinical sessions such as Hemorrhage, Shoulder Dystocia, Correcting Malpresentations, and others.
  • Helping a Slow Labor Progress, Hands on
  • Perineal Suture Repair Workshop
  • Trauma and Transformation through Pregnancy and Birth
  • All You Need is Love
  • Technology as a Threat to the Normal Birth Process
  • Posterior Arrest
  • Midwifery Education, and many more

Conference Location

Kuranlagenallee 8
75323 Bad Wildbad, Germany

Tel. during conference (for urgent use only): +49 7081 303265

Please note: The Kurhaus does not have sleeping rooms.

Bad Wildbad is a picturesque spa town located in the beautiful Black Forest region of Southern Germany. There are thermal spas located next to the Kurhaus, where the conference is being held. Conference registrants may purchase a spa pass for €59 (valid 11–16 October) for the “Vital Therme” and the “Palais Thermal,” which include a wide variety of saunas, steam baths and thermal pools. Single entrance spa fees:  Palais Thermal, 3 hours + sauna for €24;  Vital Thermal, 3 hours for €13.

Overnight Accommodations

There are many charming hotels, bed and breakfasts, and hostels in a peaceful, alpine setting, in all price ranges: . You may click here to view and print out the Accommodations Reservation Form. If you are taking the train or are without a car let them know you want to be within walking distance of the Kurhaus. NOTE: Please send the Accommodations Reservation Form to the Reservations Office indicated at the bottom of the form.

Contact for assistance in booking:

Bad Wildbad Hotels—Booking Service Reservation Office:

Touristik Bad Wildbad GmbH
Postfach 10 03 26
75314 Bad Wildbad, Germany

Tel.: +49 7081 10280
Fax: +49 7081 10290
E-mail: [email protected]

For those planning to stay at the ATINA inquire by using this email, ATINA-Hotel

How to Reach Bad Wildbad

By car: Take Highway A8, Exit “Pforzheim West.” From the exit Bad Wildbad is signed.

By airplane: Follow the directions below from the airport to Pforzheim. In Pforzheim change to Shuttle-Train “S6” to Bad Wildbad. To get to the venue get off at the last Bad Wildbad stop. There are three. The train ends at the last stop making it easy.

  • Arrival at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA, 160 km):
    Take train from Airport Railway Station to Karlsruhe. In Karlsruhe take train to Pforzheim.
  • Arrival at Stuttgart International Airport (STR, 60 km):
    Take Shuttle-Train from Airport Station to Stuttgart Main Station. In Stuttgart change to train to Pforzheim.
  • Arrival in Munich (MUC, 220 km): Take Railway to Pforzheim.
  • Arrival in Zurich (ZRH, 230 km):
    Take Railway to Stuttgart. In Stuttgart change to train to Pforzheim.
  • Arrival at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (Baden-Airpark) (50 km) (for flights within Europe): Take Railway to Pforzheim.

Why come to a Midwifery Today Conference?

Be Informed, Inspired, and Invigorated

Learn new skills.
Enhance your knowledge.
Replenish your enthusiasm and confidence.
View birth from new vantage points.
Meet new friends from around the world.
Meet women of courage, character, dignity and wisdom
Attend professional, thought-provoking classes
Come to a place where you can share freely, and know you’ll be understood
Open your eyes, broaden your minds, enrich your hearts
Relax and rejuvenate as you celebrate birth with your sisters
Join us in making the light of midwifery strong and vibrant

Conference Prices:

First Deadline

1 Day$140€130£100
2 Days$280€260£200
3 Days$375€345£265
4 Days$515€475£365
5 Days$560€520£400

Second Deadline

1 Day$150€140£105
2 Days$300€280£210
3 Days$400€370£280
4 Days$550€510£385
5 Days$590€560£420

At Door

1 Day$160€150£110
2 Days$320€300£220
3 Days$425€395£295
4 Days$585€545£405
5 Days$620€600£440

1-year Online Membership price: $55, €45, £40
10% discount on conference fees for one-year members

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