Dianne Garland

Dianne’s passion for midwifery began in 1983 when she qualified at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, London. Her subsequent energy and enthusiasm for developing and expanding a new practice led her towards teaching about waterbirth in 1989; a subject which has remained extremely close to her heart ever since. Having spent over 40 years in the NHS she decided to start her own company in 2005, MidwifeExpert, which allowed her the freedom to explore midwifery with a global perspective whilst focussing upon areas of practice innovation, development and education. Dianne works clinically in a local hospital supporting low and high complex mothers and babies through childbirth.

Through MidwifeExpert, Dianne continues to expand her horizons; lecturing and consulting internationally as well as offering other specialist services such as Expert Legal Witness and Care Quality Commission Inspections. She currently holds professional roles within respected public and private bodies including APEC (Action on PreEclampsia), NICE UK, Gentle Birth Guardian Education, Waterbirth International (USA), Wenzhou Oriental Maternity Unit (China), Wellness Mother and Baby Hyderabad (India) and advisory panel for MMF.

Over the years Dianne has had 4 books published, (Waterbirth – an attitude to care edition 1 and 2 , Revisiting waterbirth – and attitude to care) and a new version of ‘Revisiting waterbirth – an attitude to care,’ Palgrave.2017. Dianne continues to write numerous articles, drawing equally on her vast experience and vital up-to-date clinical knowledge brought about by maintaining her revalidation to this day.

In 2019 Dianne was awarded RCM fellowship for her worldwide contribution to waterbirth research, teaching and clinical work.

Dianne has been a midwife since 1983 and has taught about waterbirth since 1989. Her work has taken her all over the world, to Australia, China, United States, and India. She has written numerous articles with a new version of her book Revisiting Waterbirth—An Attitude to Care published in April 2017.

Dianne works as an expert witness and University lecturer, and maintains her clinical skills on a midwife-led and consultant unit at a local hospital. She is director for clinical governance at Waterbirth International and is a waterbirth consultant to Wenzhou Oriental maternity unit in China. In 2014 she became midwife advisor to Healthy Mother Wellness and Care Hyderabad India.

In 2005 Dianne became freelance to expand the roles within her company, www.midwifeexpert.com. Since this time Dianne has continued to work around the world and develop new roles and interests as:

  • 2010 Trustee to APEC (Action on Preeclampsia)
  • 2012 Appointed professional advisor to CQC
  • 2013 Gentle birth guardian trainer
  • 2014 Stakeholder for NICE UK
  • 2014 Specialist advisor for Care Quality Commission
  • 2018 Member, NSA advisory panel
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