Costa Rica 2007

Midwifery Today Conference

San José, Costa Rica • 23–27 May 2007

“Birth without Borders”


Eneyda at Christine Zingrich Gazdag’s house on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica; Christine will be doing a workshop on kinesiology.

Handpainted carts are an old handicraft of Costa Rica, shown with Nidia, Jan, Marie and Eneyda on their way to visit traditional midwives.

Marie with her husband Luis and Jan. Luis’ passion is working on sustainable agriculture, like ours is sustainable birth.

This photo represents the seed of the idea for “Birth Without Borders” conference in San José, Costa Rica. Rebecca Turecky, Vanessa Calderon and Salem Hamilton were all Costa Ricans who, along with Jan Tritten, helped bring the idea to fruition. The seed was born and watered at the CIMS meeting in Boston in 2006.

Active volcano Arenal. We spent the evening watching her create new ground as she erupted and glowed. See more photos of Arenal erupting.

Uva Meiner doing a prenatal home visit.


  • “Thanks to all who worked to put together that conference!! I will never be the same!”
    Morgan Snow, Costa Rica attendee
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