Norway 2007

Midwifery Today Conference

Oslo, Norway • 12–16 September 2007

“The Heart and Science of Midwifery”


Beautiful Norway

Our conference venue in Oslo

Closing ceremony

Emilio Santos Leal, our country contact for Spain

Angelina Martinez Miranda

Midwife from Uganda

An attendee

Lara Stockbridge, fire dancer!

A enthusiastic attendee

Michel Odent having a chat with Andrea Noll, a midwife from Hungary

Making friends

An attendee

Ina May Gaskin

Tine with an attendee

An attendee

Elizabeth, Eneyda and Tine

Ina May hugging Kenyan midwife

An emotional goodbye with Belgian midwives


  • Thank you so very much! I’m leaving here feeling much stronger and inspired and feeling part of a large beautiful movement of sisterhood and brotherhood.
    Norway 2007 attendee
  • I have never attended a Midwifery Today conference before and my heart is full of gratitude. You gave me some “back to basics” days that I really needed. And it was so good to feel so much love and warmth these days. Thank you! (smiley face)
    Norway 2007 attendee
  • Thank you so much. I have waited for what seems an eternity to be part of such an experience. It was wonderful to have a sense of the international birthwork community.
    Norway 2007 attendee
  • Every workshop gave me something new and lots of new ideas and energy, of course.
    Norway 2007 attendee
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