Philly 2006

Midwifery Today Conference

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • March 23–27, 2006

“Liberty in Midwifery and Birth”



  • These conferences, and especially this one, always leave me rejuvenated and remind me that I’ve been called to be with women as a witness and sometimes guide to their process—whatever that process maybe. The most important reminder I’m walking away with is that birth is instinctive for both the woman and the midwife.
    Philly 2006 attendee

  • Laying my eyes on the wise women I have read about and seen in MT since the beginning of my journey was such a milestone for me.
    Philly 2006 attendee

  • My absolute thanks for all of you who organized and put on this amazing event. This weekend confirmed my dedication to this path. Look forward to seeing you at the next gathering.
    Philly 2006 attendee

  • Thank you for putting the fire back in my belly!
    Philly 2006 attendee

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