Thinking Like an Herbalist

To think like an herbalist one must come to know the ways that herbs interact with human physiology. Which herb will support the body’s healing process? Which herb is the best choice for nourishing the part of the body in need of healing? Which one relieves tension, thereby eliciting the relaxation response? How do the energetics of the herbs interact with the energetics of the human being?
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About Author: Janice Marsh-Prelesnik

Janice Marsh-Prelesnik has practiced and taught traditional midwifery, massage therapy and herbalism since 1981. She has four homebirthed, homeschooled children and lives in rural southwest Michigan near Kalamazoo. Janice loves to watch her students grow, develop their intuition and integrate midwifery and the natural healing arts into their lifestyles. During the summertime Janice can be found in her organic gardens preparing herbal remedies for her business, Granny Janny Herbs.

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