The Good Guys: A Happy Little Secret

The happy little secret is that there are doctors throughout the world who either are already practicing in ways congruent with the midwifery model or are eager to learn how. I’m not wringing my hands over how few and far between they are, but rather exalting in the fact that some exist and that they are listening to what the midwifery world can teach them. Their presence doesn’t eclipse what midwives contribute, but enhances the birthing world by giving even more birthing women the opportunity to encounter a professional who will attend them with respect and patience. Besides, who among us couldn’t benefit from consultation with or backup from a supportive doctor?

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About Author: Joni Nichols

Joni Nichols is Midwifery Today’s Country Contact for Mexico. She is a childbirth educator, doula, labor assistant, activist and partera who co-founded the pioneering water birth center, Nacer en Plenitud, in Guadalajara. When not working with pregnant families, attending their births, making presentations at conferences or participating on online forums about birth, she is reading something birth-related.

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