Eugene 2005

Midwifery Today Conference

Eugene, Oregon • March 17–23, 2005

“Honoring Our Roots, Preserving Our Future”

A beautiful birth dance presented by Marina Alzugaray and friends

Letter from Jan Tritten

April 2005

The 2005 Eugene conference had such a great line up for learning new ideas and techniques. Everyone was pleased to get to learn from the traditional midwives from Mexico. They taught us everything from how to turn breech babies to how to cure headaches and infertility. As we begin to absorb these very special and new/old ways into our practices we are struck by how much practitioners from other countries have to teach us. We have just begun to open this beautiful new midwifery package that has been given to us. Gracias Dios, as the traditional midwives say often. This was the first time we ran a conference days in a row, with pre- and post-conference workshops. It flew by as we laughed, played, sang, danced and shared many tricks.

Our Saturday night entertainment was superb. Our Web designer, Wanda Walker, plays in a fantastic marimba band with her husband and daughter and others. After some special skits, songs and dances with our teachers, the marimba band played and we danced into the night.

Each conference is a unique and special experience. The bottom line goal is to better serve mothers and babies through information and insight; having fun is also really important. We hope you will join us at a conference soon.

love, jan

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Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Debra Pascali-Bonaro teaches one of her many useful techniques for doulas and midwives.

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Doña Irene Sotelo

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
This quilt addresses maternal deaths in the US and is to honor those mothers who have died since 1982. There is one square for every maternal death. (Safe Motherhood Quilt Project)

Jan dancing with Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos

An historical meeting where the fledgling indigenous midwifery organization begins to take place. They have joined with the indigenous birth workers organization that is already established.

Jan dancing with Ina May Gaskin

Jan with MT columnist Marion Toepke McLean

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Janice Marsh-Prelesnik teaching the all-day herb workshop

Our own Jill Cohen who has been with Midwifery Today for over 17 years. She is here with her daughter Lucretia and Mary Zwart from the Netherlands.

Katherine Camacho Carr and Diane Holzer, the presidents of ACNM and MANA, co-taught an historic class, Unity of Midwives. The class brought hopes and goals of each organization. It gave renewed hope to many participants. We can work together.

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Attendee knitting

Mabel Dzata with enthusiastic attendee

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Naolí Vinaver

Sky Pope

Angelina Martinez Miranda teaches the traditional cupping technique from Mexico.

Translator with Angelina Martinez Miranda and Doña Irene Sotelo

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Anne Frye at her booth

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Attendees listening

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Making new friends

We thank Ricardo H. Jones for permitting use of his wonderful photos of the Eugene 2005 and other Midwifery Today conferences.

Photo—Ricardo H. Jones
Good night!


  • The break-out sessions were wonderful small groups for discussion. Just being among all these strong, powerful women was uplifting/overwhelming.
  • I really appreciate your time and efforts put into these conferences (this was my third!). It is a very important investment for our profession!
  • Thanks and gratitude—feelings that don’t have sufficient words to describe them. I have been filled and nourished by the people here this weekend. I had gotten so empty; I didn’t realize how much I needed it. But I am full now and have so much to share again. Thank you.
  • I feel I have wasted the last 20 years! The conference opened my eyes to midwifery! It has given me lots to consider! It has given me space to think!
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