Denmark 2005

Midwifery Today Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark • 2005

“Reclaiming the Joy of Midwifery and Birth”



  • I’ve been extremely inspired and I’ll be going back to work with renewed energy. Every midwife should do this at least, at least, once a year. Thank you for all the inspiring energy!! I feel very privileged to have attended this conference.
    Denmark 2005 attendee
  • I enjoyed the fellowship and the shared concern held by the midwives present at the conference. As midwives, in spite of our different cultures, we all have one common goal, to return the normal birthing of women to the midwife.
    Denmark 2005 attendee
  • Dear Midwifery Today, I really want to thank you for the congress in Denmark. It gives me a lot of inspiration, hope and force to change things in my little country.
    Hilde Curinckx, Belgium, Attendee at the Denmark 2005 Midwifery Today Conference
  • I absolutely loved the 5 days I’ve been here. I’ve genuinely learnt new things, reaffirmed things I knew to be true and absorbed so much inner knowledge. Thank you for making me a better midwife!
    Denmark 2005 attendee
  • Thank you for a very inspiring time. I go from here thinking, “When is my next shift, when am I going to work again?” And it’s been a long time since I’ve been thinking that way.
    Denmark 2005 attendee
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