Costa Rica

Uva Meiner and Marie Tyndall

Uva Meiner, Holistic Homebirth Midwife, works out of her home-based office, “The Womb.” Uva has been involved with spiritual psychotherapy, natural medicine, including herbs, Flower Essence therapy, homeopathy, Martrix Energetics, Bioresonance, Reiki and Shamanism, which, together with water, are tools on the way to an empowered and conscious birth. She works on (possibly) Preconception, preparation for birth on many levels, Birth, and extended Postpartum care including parenting, on the path to becoming aware, informed, and empowered parents, contributing to a more peaceful, harmonious, and respectful humanity. She works with an apprentice, a dedicated young woman on her way to becoming a midwife, and she teaches/guides a young women’s circle of doulas and aspiring midwives.

Marie Tyndall is a midwife who has worked in diverse settings—from hospitals in Canada and England to rural communities in Iraq and Nicaragua. Originally from Canada, she now resides in Costa Rica where she works with her midwife partner Rebecca Turecky offering holistic homebirth and waterbirth services for intimate and gentle birth. Marie has worked for many years to support traditional midwives throughout Central America. You can find out more about childbirth in Costa Rica though her Web site

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