As a direct entry midwife, Marlene Gryesten began practicing in California in 1993, following an apprenticeship in Humboldt, and in Denmark since 2000. She is now practising as a “known midwife,” paid and supported by the government, servicing 120 women a year. Women are offered their choice of setting, at their home, at a freestanding clinic or at the local university hospital. Over 50 midwives share call with equal time off, serving as many as 3600 birthing women a year. They wish to establish this as a common standard of practice in our midwifery center.

“As a TCM acupuncturist, I supervise my collegues on the labor ward, making sure they stay inspired to use acupuncture as a first choice when they have diagnosed need for augmentation, pain control, stuck placentas or such. In my private practise I offer yoga therapy, acupuncture and birth prep classes. For fun I continue to teach prenatal yoga, share information on how to keep birth sacred, do an occasional belly cast, or find other ways to love up pregnant women.”

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