Joni Nichols is a Childbirth Educator, Doula, Labor Assistant, Activist, Photographer, Partera and the owner of one of the biggest and heaviest birth bags around! A few things are immutable in Joni’s daily life—exercise, chocolate and doing something related to birth. It might be a couple of hours on the Internet, a private childbirth class, a phone inquiry, catching up on sleep after one of the 40 births she attends per year, or a planning session with the other members of “Plenitud; pregnancy, birth and lactation” the multi-faceted childbirth group she helped establish. If not, she is working on a presentation for one of the many international conferences she attends, promoting midwifery in the schools, replying to e-mails she receives as the ICAN representative in Guadalajara, or inviting people for a tour of the intimate water birth center that Plenitud has created in the Hospital Valle de Atemajac. Proud to be a “people connector,” Joni works to help folks make contact with caregivers who practice the midwifery-based model within Mexico.

To contact Joni Nichols, please visit her website, Plenitud.

If you would like to be a country contact, please fill out the form here.

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