Country Contacts

What is a country contact?

Country contacts are individuals who have offered to share information about the practice of midwifery in their respective countries or in countries about which they have first-hand knowledge. Country contacts are NOT agents or representatives of Midwifery Today, Inc., nor does their listing constitute a recommendation of their services by Midwifery Today, Inc.

Midwifery Today maintains as many country contacts for as many countries as possible so you—our colleagues—have a person to help you with midwifery and birth issues in their country. You may need to find a midwife for yourself or a friend, you might be traveling and want to meet midwives or doulas, or maybe you need information about birth in that country.

Country contacts also help Midwifery Today get the word out about our magazine and conferences. Four times a year we send our country contacts a question about a midwifery or birth issue to answer for our international-themed e-newsletter. To subscribe to our free E-News go to our signup page.

While we apologize for any inconvenience, Midwifery Today will generally not release Country Contact e-mail addresses to students searching for volunteer or apprenticeship opportunities due to the volume of requests. In addition, Midwifery Today will not release country contact e-mail addresses to commercial interests.

In all cases Midwifery Today reserves the right to determine whether to release country contact e-mail addresses.

To reach a Midwifery Today country contact, write to

Country Contacts

    Midwifery Today is interested in promoting international networking among childbirth practitioners. Our goal is to strengthen the international community by establishing country contacts in every country of the world.

    Would you like to be part of our international network? We are looking for people who are passionate about birth and who have a deep desire to help make birth a good experience for mothers and babies. Each country contact should be an active participant in the natural childbirth movement in their country and attend conferences and receive journals or newsletters if they are available.

    Proficiency in the English language and access to e-mail and the Internet are necessary.

    If you would like to be a country contact, please fill out the form below to find out more about how to become one.

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