A Mother and Daughter, Serving Mothers and Babies The Story of a Mother-Daughter Team of Placenta Encapsulators

Not many mothers and daughters have the privilege of sharing a work life in addition to a family life. When they do, it’s not usually in such a unique professional niche as placenta encapsulation. For the past five years, my mom, Ruth Ripple, and I have worked together as a mother-daughter team, providing placenta encapsulation services in western Colorado. It’s a deeply beautiful feeling, using our mother-daughter relationship to support other women’s journeys into motherhood.
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About Author: Laurel Carpenter

Laurel Carpenter, BA, lives vibrantly alongside her husband and children. She’s a Colorado nurse with a BA in reproductive anthropology, who can’t wait to be a midwife. Her writing has appeared in HipMama magazine and SQUAT Birth Journal, among others.

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