Bearer of Light— Homeopathic Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a major ingredient of not only bones and teeth, but also the human brain. It facilitates permeability of cell membranes, helping nutrients pass in and out of cells. As one of the five elements of DNA, it is a building block for our genes. In metabolism, phosphorus mediates energy.

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About Author: Peggy Sawyer

Peggy Sawyer lived in Ashland, Oregon, where she practiced homebirth midwifery care that included homeopathy from 1982 to 2003. She was the mother of five including her youngest, twin boys. She was the grandmother of two children whom she had the privilege of catching at home.

On December 4, 2003, Peggy died of an aneurysm at age 50. She is survived by her dedicated husband, Willie, who hopes to carry on her work.

In Willie’s words
(as told to Jonnie Dale)

“Peggy touched our lives deeply. Of all the people I have known Peggy was the most able to see through the veils of illusion, she lived the truth to the tiniest detail—birth, death, life, education—she was impeccable in simply living the truth, humbly touching people’s lives.

“She was the truth.

“I am filled with love and gratitude and bliss and excitement. I feel her presence. I have connected with her spirit. I connect with her in everything all around. There is a knowingness, deep within.
She fought for the healing of the planet and protection of people.
In a higher, more powerful way, she is not confined by the limit of body,
she is here for everybody, still doing the work, helping.

“It is up to us to do our part on the physical plane.
In a physical way, we’re still working together.

“In spite of all the emotions, I’m feeling pure delight.
I’ve also been initiated, I haven’t gone like Peggy,
I have gone through initiation before, and now at an even higher vibration.

“We’re all just gonna pull together and help one another, empowering each other.

“The last few months in our quiet time together she would talk about something big coming up in her life, something really big, really good, not just in her life, but world wide, evolving, another initiation to higher consciousness. I was feeling it too.

“We’re in a really amazing transition time, we have the power to do it.
People are finding the will to do it.

“I am setting up a foundation, to continue all the work, the behind the scenes, the full gamut,
midwifery, healing, child rearing, education, nutrition,
give all those things a nudge, whatever way is appropriate.

“Peggy was beginning to e-mail about a year ago, to connect with people all over the world.

“She spent the last couple of months working feverishly sowing seeds, coming into this most amazing power, she laid it all out, nurtured by others, that’s what she was working so hard to do.

“We can encourage each of us to hook up more links. It’s not hard, it’s fun—going with the flow of the cosmic evolution is very enjoyable cuz you’re actually creating consciousness, enough to feel cosmic. Consciously creating it and you are a part of it, it can be fun. If you’re not making it fun, you’re not doing it right, like the giant puppets dancing, we’re all singing the same songs, one movement, total connection.

“Peggy opened my heart all the way, growing with every passing month, every passing week, every passing year, she taught me to open all the way.

“Open your heart up all the way to the person/s you are with, to the world in general. The future will be fun.“

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