Birth Plan: Does the Path Still Fit the Objective? Do the Means Still Fulfill the Purpose?

In the process of establishing a birth plan in the ’80s in the US and Europe, an effort was made to make women aware of their choices during labor. It took about 50 years—two whole generations—until women started to face the medical interventions while exploring their own possibilities during childbirth. The formally written birth plan was introduced in the 1980s as part of childbirth preparation to help women avoid escalating interventions (Lothian 2006).
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About Author: Zuzana Laubmann

Zuzana Laubmann MA, MA, CD (DiD), is a counsellor and certified doula working with pregnant, birthing, and trauma survivors. She uses somatic experiencing techniques and trauma-sensitive yoga to address symptoms of trauma-related health problems. Zuzana is a certified trainer in When Survivors Give Birth.

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