The Little Midwife: 11 Key Observations about What it Takes to be a Midwife

She was almost 4 years old when she asked about what her birth was like. She was intrigued to hear about the whole process. I told her how, toward the end, even though we had prayed, talked to her, and tried so many things, Anaiyah just didn’t want to come out! Every night, when she was quite “overdue,” big sister would talk to her and ask her to come out because we were excited to see her.

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About Author: Kimi Joliba Honzaki

Kimi Joliba Honzaki is an artist who is passionate about birth, healing, and all things spicy. She researches postdates birth, and is gathering data now about women who birth postdates with a broad survey, which she intends to circulate worldwide. She comes from a lineage of women who take extra time to cook ‘em. Look for her forthcoming book, Birth: Beyond a Due Date.

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About Author: Anaiyah Al-Amin

Anaiyah is now in 2nd grade and hopes to attend her first in-person birth soon, here in Arizona. She loves birth (obviously), swimming, and learning about gardening & anime.

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