Bonding Analysis: Bonding-related Support in Pregnancy to Promote Prenatal Bonding

All my life I had been interested in psychology because I wanted to know what made me suffer, what makes people in general suffer, and how suffering can be alleviated or even healed. Finally, I discovered the new field of prenatal psychology. “The secret life of the unborn child,” as Professor Thomas Verny so brilliantly described, offered satisfying answers to my manifold questions that any other school of psychology had not been able to so far.
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About Author: Christa Balkenhol-Wright

Christa Balkenhol-Wright has a diploma in translation from the University of Geneva in Switzerland. She worked for many years in the language and translation service of a federal agency, specializing in psychology, medicine, biotechnology, and biomedical engineering. She extensively studied the different psychological disciplines autodidactically for many decades. She organized and attended Dr Raffai's BA training course and became certified as prenatal bonding analyst in 2016. In addition, she was trained in hypnosis and regression techniques.

Christa is the main author and publisher of Mit deiner Liebe wächst meine Seele (Your Love Makes my Soul Grow), Life and Experience in the Womb, The Method of Promoting Prenatal Bonding in Theory and Practice. She is translating the book into English, with publication planned for 2023. She offers BA training courses online in English, German, and French.

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