Childbirth in the Capital of Peru

In 2019, I traveled to Lima, Peru, to collect interviews for my book about childbirth around the world through a holistic perspective. While I was there, I met a midwife named Angela Brocker, who was originally from Germany but had moved to Peru and become a doctor and a midwife. She told me about childbirth in Lima, Peru.

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About Author: Khristee Rich

Khristee Rich is a holistic childbirth expert, writer, and speaker. With over 20 years as a researcher and 17 years as a holistic expert, she empowers women to improve their chronic conditions and trauma using the natural medicine of the Earth, so that they become healthy, joyful women and make the impact they desire in their lives. Khristee works with moms personally and through her group digital programs to help them to be healthy and empowered during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. She is currently writing a three-book series on childbirth around the world through a holistic perspective. For more information, visit:

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