Country Contacts – Issue 132

Country Contacts - Issue 132
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About Author: Anna Ishaku

Anna Ishaku is a midwife from Borno, Northeast Nigeria. She is happily married to Jerryking Y. Balami and is blessed with two beautiful daughters, Jochebed and Joanna.

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About Author: Zhang Hongyu

Zhang hongyu was born in the Shandong province of China in 1964. She is a registered midwife and vice professor of the nursing department of Hainan medical college. She has an MD in nursing and is a first-year doctoral student in Nanfang medical university in Canton, China. She is doing research on evidence-based nursing in obstetrics and gynecology nursing, focusing in normal delivery care. She can be reached via e-mail at [email protected], or at her Web site (in Chinese) at She also welcomes visitors.

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About Author: Lieve Huybrechts

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