Delayed Cord Clamping Requires a New Table for Stressed Newborns

A female doctor with a shaven head and beautiful eyes stood between Lily’s legs, studying the monitor. We all heard the slow thudding. In an even tone, a Mary Poppins-like midwife said, “Get peds.” A pediatrician and a gaggle of pediatric residents entered the room as if they’d been standing at the door waiting for an invitation. The doctor picked up the vacuum and quietly announced that the time had come to use extra force. “The baby is so close,” she told us as she readied her equipment.

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About Author: Mary Esther Malloy

Mary Esther Malloy holds a MA in anthropology. She is a doula, Bradley educator and mother of three children. Please visit for her newest project! You will find additional articles and recordings by Mary Esther at If you are interested in the neuroscience of skin-to-skin and breastfeeding, she invites you to visit her blog where you will find her popular post “Kangaroology: The First 1000 Minutes” about Dr. Nils Bergman’s 2016 talk at NYU. Mary Esther is proud to announce that she recently certified with Jill Bergman to offer Kangaroula Care. She can be reached at [email protected].

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