Having a Child in Croatia

Like many parts of the world, birth has become medicalized in Croatia. Two midwives write of their efforts to provide women with safe and meaningful births.

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About Author: Iva Podhorsky Štorek

Iva Podhorsky Štorek was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She finished the High School for Midwives and has worked as a midwife since she was 19 years old, for 10 years, in a hospital delivery room. She is the secretary of Croatian Association of Midwives. Iva believes that she was meant to be a midwife, yet she was born in a country where independent midwifery does not exist.

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About Author: Barbara Finderle

Barbara Finderle completed the School for Midwives in 1995 and was employed by the Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Clinical Hospital in Rijeka, working as a midwife in the delivery room. She graduated from the Higher School of Medicine in 2001. Since 1998 she has been a member of Croatian Association of Midwives, and is currently chairwoman. In 2004 she was elected as delegate for European and World Associations of Midwives. Barbara advocates a more humane approach in obstetrics and the woman’s right of choice, together with a noninterventional and nonmedicated birth.

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